About Jesse

About Jesse

Anti-Aging Warrior and Fitness Evangelist

Jesse Walker is a #1 best selling author, speaker and fitness evangelist! His passion is sharing fitness and anti-aging strategies in a straightforward , no-nonsense way that helps people to overcome their health and fitness challenges and achieve lifelong vitality. He demystifies the confusing information surrounding health and fitness and provides simple, easy to follow solutions. Rather than endorsing short term or quick weight loss fixes, he’s designed a blueprint that anyone can follow for long term results.

Jesse was overworked and overstressed in a corporate world filled with 60 hour workweeks and take-out.  Like most Americans, he’d accepted the “optional” middle-aged illnesses including obesity, painful inflammation, high blood pressure, diabetes and low testosterone. After the birth of his daughter; he looked in the mirror and decided that he could no longer ignore his body; He needed to fix it or die. The establishment offered him drugs.  He chose health. He developed simple habits that anyone, even an overworked family man, can implement to right the ship, reverse disease, lose weight and feel great. Now longevity is the hardest habit to break.

There is always a reason to do something and a reason not to do something. Which you choose everyday determines who you are.

Jesse Walker